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In the miracle part of the year, in the evening of 21 st December, wæ gather in an artist bash, looking for a place of escape, like in a funfair, where we gossip, kiss and make seasonal mandalas, eat and serve snow soup in plastic bowls for charity, and last, but not least invite you to purchase an art piece for yourself, your mom or your empty corridor wall. Support local artist agents and bring love forth.

Aaron Roth: Euros and palms II ╱ plastic curtains ╱ 200×220 cm

Bring someone along!

Make a miracle!

Be Jesus for a day!

Be Santa for a night!After compleating the 4th edition of Sofia Art Week in the summer, Æther Art space comes back with a mini artfair, playing on the conventional aestethics and exclusivity of  an artfair.

The event underlines the importance of expanding the artmarket beyond the grey zones of the formal Easten block. Stating facts such as the art market for young artists on the Balkans doesn’t really exist and interest of commercail trade is still focused on aquiring classical or moden pieces, leaving contemporary art uncollected – certainly reserving a spot for irony, we gather in manifestation to declare our transformative and ambigous nature of work, to transgress the old models and make a collective wish for the new days coming to erase superstition and deliver a green light to the young and emerging scene.

The DIY event shows a full floor installation by the Detroit /Bulgarian artists Dessislava Terzieva, works by AAron Roth-freshly returned from London, collaboration piece by Swiss based Lexi Fluers and Mart0 and many Sofia based names, paintings, sculptures and a secret games in the tradition and style of the independent art space. The purpose is to find the Bulgarian tread and perhaps start the conversation on what is the NEW BUlgarian?!!

Poster designed by Yana Abrasheva and Zahari Dimitrov

Join us:

Aaron Roth, Alicja Wysocka, Antoianeta Quick, Cvetomira Borisova, Dessislava Terzieva, Lexi Fleurs & Lili Marto, Mihail Novakov, Martina Vacheva, Mitch Brezunek, Michaela Lakova, Natalia Jordanova, Valentina Sciarra, Viliyana Karushkova, Vmsosafe, Voin de Voin, Yana Abrasheva, Zahari Dimitrov, Zlatomira Oprova, Æther Sofia

Æther Sofia Æther Sofia, founded in spring 2016 and run by Voin de Voin, creates through a program of activities and exhibitions a possibility for experimentation and generates critical feedback on the contemporary obscurities of living through art, science, politics and activism.

With its activities it wishes to engage and bridge the local and international art scene in different propositions and activation of collective rituals and thinking. It asks to strengthen the dialogue between artists and its publics, shaping new ideas about art, history and the present states of both beings and affairs.

Æther Sofia/Haga are two sibling independent art spaces in the heart of Sofia (BG) and The Hague (NL). 



Opening 21 dec 6pm

21 dec-15 Jan 2022

Æther Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria

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